Friday, April 20, 2018

A Few Minutes With A Mockingbird

I spend much of my day in my home office.
Lot's of windows, views of the river...I am surrounded by my bird feeding garden.
There is a Sand Cherry Tree to the left of the window,
 it is a favorite landing spot for all of my feathered friends and my "secret viewing arena"!
I am pretty sure I only have one mockingbird in the yard right now,
returning after being absent all Winter, I had forgotten how easy this bird is to photograph.
I had the window open when he/she landed in the Cherry Tree...
and spending a few minutes up close with this beautiful bird was glorious!

I love each of these pictures for a different reason...

This is a non-zoomed view of the area.
The branches have grown in an almost circular pattern, 
giving the birds a perfect place to land.

And if Spring ever arrives, this tree will have beautiful little flowers on it.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Home Chef

I am still receiving Home Chef Meals 
and they continue to bring excitement in to my kitchen.
The excitement begins, when the box arrives.
Easy to unpack, each meal for two is presented in one zip-lock sack, 
the meats are stored outside of the sack and are vacuum sealed.
Everything is pre-measured and super fresh.
There is a recipe card for each meal, with step by step instructions,
that are super easy to follow.
I am receiving 3 meals per week and we have only received one meal that we, I didn't like.

After doing several of these posts, 
I realize I am going to have to "spice" up my pictures a tad,
everything looks exactly the same.
In all fairness to the hubs and I, the house usually smells awesome at picture time,
 we are hungry...the picture is obligatory, a quick snap and go...
- "let's eat already" -

Steak au Poivre with Roasted Onion Potatoes and Mushrooms

Cheesy French Onion Chicken Hero with Roasted Potato Rounds

Chicken Moutarde with Roasted Green Beans & Rice

Pizza Bianca with Zucchini Ribbons and Rosemary - Tomatoes & Pine Nuts

Chicken Scampi with Ciabatta Croutons

Butternut Squash Cavatappi with Brown Butter, Walnuts & Sage
This was the one meal that I did not like, the hubs loved it but he's like Mikey,
he'll eat anything!

Now for the nitty, gritty low down...
Could I go to the food store and buy the ingredients cheaper - maybe.
Would I have some waste - definitely.
Would the ingredients be as fresh - I don't think so.
Would the food I cook on my own be as creative and delicious - definitely not.
Most recipes have ingredients & demi-glazes for the sauces that taste outstanding.
Flavors that add that little extra something to a recipe that I would not be able to recreate.

For the hubs and I, this is perfect and fun!