Monday, January 23, 2017

Seaside Heights...

I spent my Summers at the beaches in Seaside, New Jersey.
We were a beach family and spent almost every Summer day here in Seaside.
On Friday, the hubs brought me down here to hunt for sea glass,
something he knew nothing about until he met me.
We went early in order to catch low tide.

The ocean was calm and peaceful, you could smell the salt in the air.

The hubs always goes out ahead of me, because he thinks he will find more glass than I.

At some point I came across this...
a pretty piece of glass the hubs found and left for me in the sand.

He obviously had zero confidence that I would find it on my own.

The clouds were amazing.

This was our take...
the piece in the center is heart shaped and a prety shade of sea foam green.

January 20, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scrap This...

Making a Winter craft is on this seasons Bucket List.
I thought knitting might "fill the bill" 
but I also had some memories that needed to be added to my scrapbook.
Just yesterday - I worked on that.

I keep a scrapbook for our annual trips to ICE!
Here are some pictures of the scrapbook pages I created yesterday 
from our most recent trip in December.

This is a "2 page spread".
If you know anything about scrapbooking, you usually prepare 2 coordinating pages,
that lay side by side when the book is opened.

Here are some close-ups of each page...

I keep ticket stubs, room keys and any memorabilia that we pick up during the trip.

Our first trip to ICE was in 2010 when I read about it on Facebook,
I started this book after that trip.

This book is full - I will either add pages or start a new book.

The inside cover and first page is a summery of sorts,
displaying the pictures that they take, and we purchase each year.

I keep a Peeps sack glued to the back cover,
to hold things I want to keep and don't want to display on the pages.

I don't scrapbook as much as I use to, 
I print my blog every three months and that has replaced my scrapbooks.