Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's All About The Food...

What is it about my relationship with food and a snow storm?
As soon as the weather person says it is going to snow...
and that orange warning banner starts streaming on the T.V.,
I start planning the meals.
And it can't be just any food, it has to be "the food", "snow food".

Chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes, that's a snow storm meal!

A big pot of chicken, and potato chowder,
I added spinach this time...
that's food good enough for a snow storm.

And a fresh loaf of french bread is a must.

Hot Chocolate Delights

You have to make hot cocoa, don't bother if you don't have peeps!

This came home as a part of Chuck's Costco haul.
It's a cheesecake, can you believe that.
Under all the caramel sauce, chocolate and nuts, there's cheesecake.
Big enough for a family of 10.

I finished my Christmas Cards as I watched it snow...

and the hubs helped me wrap.
We don't buy a lot of presents, I like it that way.
We just buy for the little ones in the family, for our two sons & their significant others!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Savannah's Candy Kitchen
It looks and feels like a mom and pop shop,
and it is decorated like a home town candy store.
But it's a chain, and in this case, that's a good thing, because mail order is available.
The hubs has a sweet tooth, me not so much but the pralines here were to die for.
You get a sample as you walk in, of course, that's a great marketing strategy,
and it worked, we bought some.

The train up above was amazing, you can see it in almost all of the pictures.

Ice Cream & Gelato

The Great Wall of Candy

This sweet young lady waited on us and was very kind and helpful.
I can't remember her name.

They have adorable bags for your sweets and treats...

The hubs bought some peanut brittle, 
finished that...
and ordered himself another big ole' tin once we got home.
That tin is just about gone, and I see another order in his near future.
He can't have chocolate anymore...
a kidney stone,
so he has become addicted to other types of sweets and treats!!

This store is in the Washington, D.C. area, we visited when we were there.