Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Critters ~ 146 ~

Last week I shared images from the Butterfly Conservatory we visited in Canada.
The Conservatory houses over 2000 colorful, tropical, free flying butterflies.
Seeing most of these butterflies for the first time,
I learned that once a butterfly leaves it's pupae and takes flight,
their life span is only two weeks.
The Monarch Butterfly lives a little longer, 
2 - 6 weeks and will migrate south, as far as Mexico City, for winter.

I took a lot of pictures, most of these butterflies move/flutter constantly.
Getting a crisp/clear image was very difficult.
I shared half here last week and I am going to share the rest today.


Banded Peacock

Tiger Longwing

Owl (open)

Owl (closed)

Banded Orange

Tailed Jay

Scarlet Mormon

Sara Longwing


Small Postman

Zebra Longwing

I liked the perspective on the next two...

Banded Orange

Tiger Longwing

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Celebrating the Familiar...

That's what artist Seward Johnson said about his Sculpture Exhibit...
"I am celebrating the life habits that keep us in good health, 
both physically and mentally.
These moments, when we take the time to slow down and appreciate them, are treasures."

The following 14 sculptures are on display in downtown
Historical Spring Lake
one of my very favorite sea shore towns.
So pick up a map, in any one of the cute shops and we will wander around 
being sure not to miss any!

#1 No, Mommy, That One

#2 Holding Out

#3 God Bless America

#4 Oops

#5 Times Up

#6 Contact

#7 Attic Trophy

#8 Holier Than Thou

#9 Monet, Our Visiting Artist

#10 Things To Do

#11 Sightseeing

#12 Far Out

We missed #13...Hot Weather

#14 Out Of Sight

The floral display in Downtown

The exhibit started on September 17th and runs through January 2, 2017
We were in the area on September 25th and just happen to stumble upon it!!