Monday, February 20, 2017

Longwood Gardens...

The weathermen said the high on Sunday was going to be 67 degrees.
At 10 a.m. the outside thermometer read 60 degrees...
A road trip to Longwood Gardens was in order to see 
The Orchid Extravaganza

The Conservatory was transformed into a tropical oasis 
with this 12 foot tall archway of pink orchids.
This was extraordinary!

Giant orbs of orchids hang over Exhibition Hall...

and this purple and white curtain of orchids cascades down one of the walls in the conservatory.

Orchids are everywhere throughout the four acres of indoor gardens.

February 19, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snail Mail

Who doesn't love snail mail?
Mail that's not bills, not advertisements or just those annoying flyers.

I follow 
Stephanie's Blog - The Enchanting Rose
and she featured a few things from her etsy shop on her blog. 
I ordered two things from what she featured, items that felt like they were made just for me.
I got an email the very next day that they had been shipped and I was pretty excited.

Here's what I saw when I opened the box.
It felt like I was opening a present on my Birthday or Christmas.

Everything was wrapped beautifully with a pretty tag...
tags I can re-use in my scrapbook.
Tags with birds because she knows I love birds.

I unwrapped the tissue paper to see this adorable bag, this is one of the items I ordered.

This adorable pad was inside the bag, with the cute matching serendipity tag.
This is a bonus.

This Easter Table Runner was the second item I ordered.
The teas were another bonus, to make me smile.
And that sweet clothes pin with the little bid glued to it - so many beautiful extra touches.

She chooses the most amazing fabrics.

This burlap bag was inside the box also.

All these goodies were inside the bag, 4 stamps and ink...and another tag.
I thought maybe they fell into the box by accident.
- I hadn't ordered them -
Then I remembered other posts on Stephanie's blog and I knew it was no accident,
these are the sweet things she does.

It fit's perfectly on my favorite table.

The back of the runner is finished as well - it could be reversed -
the back is as pretty as the front, well, almost!

This thoughtful, kind note was included as well!

Stephanie's Blog
and her 
etsy shop Rose Petal Blessings 
stop by for a visit, you won't be disappointed.