Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Warm Welcome...

Have you ever gone somewhere where you have received the warmest welcome ever?
A place where you are greeted with huge smiles and warm hugs.
A place where the eyes of your greeters are smiling too.
I know that perhaps I am over doing it...
but I felt so loved when I arrived at Mike's place in Chapel Hill.
Both he and his girl Lila greeted us with so much warmth and love,
and after an 8 hour drive, those amazing hugs and all that love felt so good.

Beyond that, there was a goodie bag...
Be still my beating heart...
Yes, you read that right, a goodie bag, packed full with all of our favorite things.

My goodies were wrapped in pink tissue paper, the hubs were wrapped in white.
oooooh the details...
goodness, this girl had me at goodie bag!!

Is this not the BEST goodie bag ever?

Tea...Caramel and Vanilla, I made some yesterday and it. is. amazing.

PeePs know me for sure...this yarn is awesome.
70% Baby Alpaca - 30 % Bamboo Viscose
It is so soft and "purple" I am going to make an infinity scarf with it.

Flavored Popcorn - Yes please!

Chocolate - for the hubs.
These are empty, Chuck and Mike took care of that during our visit.

And there were flowers too...purple flowers!!

Stop it's all just too good to be true!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 184 ~

In Capel Hill, North Carolina, murals are huge - in both size and quantity.
My unique critters today are murals we saw while in North Carolina.

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