Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mourning Doves

I have two Mourning Doves that hang around my feeders,
and I have always wondered why they are called "Mourning" Doves.
Mourning being an expression of deep sadness, 
mine surely don't seem sad.
They make the loveliest "cooing" sound 
and always hang out and sleep on the rails of the deck. 

They enjoy the bird bath for both drinking and bathing.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Did you guys start your Summer vegetable garden indoors?
I always start mine indoors, with seeds...
because for whatever reason, that feels so much more rewarding to me.

These are my tomato plants,
Marglobe, Celebration and Container

And this year for the first time I did this.
I placed a sliced tomato in to a pot and covered it with soil.
I read about doing this on the internet, and so far it is working out well!
This tomato was left over from a sandwich - you can see the mayonnaise on it.

I don't usually have any casualties...

but all I could salvage from this plant was one small shoot.
I added a few more seeds and I will hope for the best!

My other cucumber plant is doing great and my peppers are very slow to start.

And are you wondering about my orchid??

Well it is in full bloom right now, 

I counted 17 blooms total on it.

Soon the vegetable plants will go outside into the pots on the deck -
and annuals will be planted, in and around the yard!